Podcast Logo You've found the new home of that popular segment on the 'Daddycast', the Toon Test!

Each week, a new Toon Test segment will be featured on the podcast, 101 Uses For Baby Wipes, and the segment will be archived here for parents and kids to enjoy and test their cartoon knowledge.

There are a few rules, however;

1) The Toon Test segments are free for everyone to enjoy for their own personal use. The tests exist to educate parents on the content of the cartoons, and to see just how much TV their kids may be watching...A high score in the test means it may be time to turn off the TV and get some exercise and fresh air!

2) Podcasters: If you wish to use Toon Test segments in your podcasts, please e-mail your requests to "submit at 101usesforbabywipes dot com". All other inquiries can be submitted to the same e-mail address.